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A Journey from Elegant Wedding Invitations to YES I DO Event

by Zia Ullah on March 16, 2021


A nice Elegant wedding invitation card sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests the first indication of what your celebration will be like! So if you have your heart set on a modern event, you may be dreaming up an invitation style that matches. From bold color choices, alternative materials to completely custom fun shapes, we go over our favorite trends for modern wedding invites. Moreover, these wedding invitations stay on theme and are more unique than ever before.

Gold Fold Wrap Wedding Invitations

The translucent vellum paper will keep on moving through 2020 and 2021. Regardless of your style or spending plan, this somewhat sheer paper is a simple method to add surface and visual interest to your wedding solicitations, for example, these jazzy printed vellum gatefold wraps.

Vellum Attached Elegant Wedding Invitations

Do you know that vellum makes for a great overlay or wraps for your save-the-dates and wedding invitations? There is a possibility that you can pick any design you want to show underneath your wedding invitation, from floral design, fun watercolor pattern to your venue illustration.  Your vellum overlay invitation will look more even chic when paired with practically all types of embellishments, from metallic ink to elegant wax seals, tassels and ribbons.


Multiple Shapes Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Nowadays, if you fancy something contemporary and just a little bit trendy, consider sending out geometric invitations. Playing with colors, patterns, and shapes, your invitations can’t get much more fun than these customized geometric designs. These simple wedding invites are far from boring, and your guests are sure to be seriously impressed by your simply elegant paper preference!

Let’s be very concrete that we don’t expect to see acrylic wedding invitations going away anytime soon.  Moreover, this clear material is chic and sophisticated, and it is perfect for making stationery for modern and minimalist weddings. Therefore, you have the option if you can easily personalize it by painting flowers or marbled colors around the text. Let us focus on the intricate cut laser cut pocket paper that can act as the inner envelope or a frame. We recommend you use them to hold your ceremony and reception details with the RSVP card.

Complete Colorful Cheap Wedding Invitations

Let us tell you an interesting fact that a modern or minimalist wedding doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of color. Clean, simple type combined with a coordinating palette of rosy pink and other earth tones make this invitation set fresh, modern and special. If we consider an alternative paper such as acrylic, vellum, or leather is quite an easy way to make your big-day invitation unique. One of my favorite idea to add foil creatively on the invitation is some gold foil flecks on the paper's edge. Therefore, the look turns out so cool and effortlessly chic! The same goes for cards, menus and all kinds of paper goods you’ll order.


Magical Rustic Wedding Invitations

Do you know that cool and fresh, white & greenery conveys a refreshing feel that will never disappoint brides? Moreover, there are plenty of ways to use these two colors to create many different wedding themes. For instance, we incorporate more greenery to get an organic and rustic charm look, while more white and less green for a traditional and classic style.

Hypothetically discussed, if you’re a bride who prefers timelessness over trends, we suggest planning your ceremony and reception in a classic white wedding style. Often a more formal celebration, a classic wedding frequently features beautiful green and white floral, refined color schemes, plenty of clean lines, and sophisticated elegance.

Glamour Theme Wedding Invitations

The easiest way to create a luxury white and greenery wedding is to use more glitz and glam elements.  No matter the decorations, reception table numbers, wedding centerpieces, or wedding invitations, gold will add luxury and a sophisticated atmosphere to your weddings. However, elegant rustic wedding ideas are not at all difficult to achieve with just a little creativity. Keep in mind incorporating some delicate, traditional and formal details into rough, rustic elements, such as lace, baby’s breath, ribbons, floral, greenery, vintage candles, etc.

Modern Theme Based Wedding Invitations

We are well aware that the elegant wedding invitations trend is on the rise as of last year! Therefore, minimalist wedding ideas, which most often feature neutral wedding color palettes, industrial wedding venues and lots of greenery, are adaptable for almost any budget and season. If you don’t want too much white in your wedding event, you can add more green by dressing your bridesmaid in green, and one of the most popular colors would be emerald green.


Ceiling Draped Well

One big trick is to use drapes to hang from ceilings, viewing galleries and stage items; they can create an illusion of grandeur around at a small banquet.  Fabric in creams and whites or bright yellows, which are elegant and formal, can provide an illusion of grandeur. Flowers are not just for the tabletops or display at weddings; you can have the lush, fully spaced out a few feet above the dinner tables for a more intimate and spacious look to create.

You can choose lighter colors will make the small hall seem nice, large, bright and airy. The colors would be whites on wooden browns, light grays, light blues, beige and cream, baby pinks and soft lavenders.


Elegant wedding invitations in a neutral tone with glitter accents are perfect for a classic and glamour wedding theme. By using clear acrylic, wedding cards are hot and popular for a modern and luxury indoor wedding. Nowadays, we are trending in tall table centerpieces with crystal holders that heighten the tables. Keep the lights surrounded bright and nice, more on the creamy tones for more space illusion to come through. So keeping in mind that of all the tables and chairs that will fill the reception hall on your wedding day, the bride and groom table has to be one of the most important. Moreover, you can add fairy lights, candles, and petals with a backdrop behind the table with draped fabric and colored lighting.


Transparent wedding decor is a big wedding trend in recent years. The clear decoration like a mirror, acrylic and Lucite will not only add a touch of modern elegance to your event. And there is also a probability that it is a fabulous way to create an illusion of space in a small banquet wedding, and the whole area lights up to look gorgeous and stunning too!


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