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Cheap Wedding Invitations are a Dream Come True

by mandy lee on October 26, 2020

Cheap wedding invitations can be tough to find. Weddings are expensive so is everything about them. Couples around the globe dream of making their wedding day a memorable event not only for themselves but also for the guests who attend it. Hence, attention is being paid on every tiny detail of the wedding, whether its flower decor or crape curtain, pine benches, or a fancy chandelier. Achieving this lavish dream demands concentration, time, and money.

Hues and Themes

Keeping in mind the importance of rustic wedding invitations, laser cut wedding invitations, or any other kind of wedding invitation, no one wants their first impression to go bad at any cost. But yes, the budget is the major obstacle to achieve perfection in each step of the wedding. Picky Bride will save you from all the budget problems with few ideas for cheap wedding invitations that are also trendy.

decor at wedding ceremony

Pastels: Pastel goes with everything! The big look for wedding invitations on-trend these years are all pastels! The light tones are so easy and breezy to fit for any theme you’re following, whether it’s a rustic wedding party or a cocktail one. Pastel from brown to pink to mint will boost the energy of your wedding invite.

Rustic: Exploring and finding the hues from the book or palette can get genuinely chaotic. To pick the correct shading for your wedding and invites make space in your brain for the topic first. Nature oriented, glamour, romance, divine, easygoing, vintage, garden love, or animal-themed are generally the thoughts coming to mind. If you love natural settings, you'll land up in rustic and exquisite tones. So, rustic wedding invitations are your thing!

Blue: Blue is the new cool love this season! A munch of blue is a must-have at weddings then why not start with the invitation itself. It’ll make the invitation stand out in all with its chicest tones and styles. Blue is the color that can take you to any level. Whether you want to go royal with navy blue cards embellished with gold ornaments or lace or you can play in geometric shapes and stripes. if romantic touch is what you want, then again blue is the color as it can take to a vintage affair or winter fairy tale.

Elegance: The other moving subject is an elegant wedding invitation. Make your wedding the most foreseen day of the year for every one of your guests! At Picky Bride you'll get the opportunity to pick the wedding invitations of your fantasy. To reflect your chic sophisticated style, we give a variety of extravagant and reasonable plans to coordinate your personality as a couple.

Watercolors: Ever imagined floral patterns flourishing in pink and yellow hues of watercolor. Of course, it's not the watercolor, it's the effect in digital print! Watercolor digital printing is the new trend that’s gaining popularity among couples.

Laser Cut: Laser cut wedding invitations are the absolute luxury and unique in its way. From the vibe of trim to parchments and twists, these invites are intricate and outright ravishing! The craft of laser-cutting is surprising and extremely complex which makes it a luxe design. The laser is controlled by a computer, cuts the most intricate and fabulous design onto the paper. The results are a sight to behold.

Neon: Hand-drawn graphics, shapes, painting, calligraphy in neon colors is top of the world. Especially if it's embellished with some laces and gold foil. throwing a wedding cocktail party? Neon is the new trend.

Plan Your Wedding in Style

Are you arranging a seashore wedding with your nearest family members and friends? Longing for a fantasy wedding? Arranging a rustic theme wedding party? Planning a picturesque marriage somewhere in the mountains? 

Whatever setting you choose for the event, designing a wedding invitation should be the priority. Choosing the tone that reflects your taste is significant. and deciding it within a specified budget is even a bigger task. It’s like a dream come true to find cheap wedding invitations.

If you are not up to a costly taste, experience Picky Bride's cheap wedding invitations! Make your exceptional day magnificent with 200+ plans of top rustic wedding invitations and exquisite ones. Pick Picky Bride to plan your laser cut wedding invitations as wedding experts here handle the first element of your beautiful day with care, and love. Pick up the pace! Weekly discounts are available up to 30%.

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