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Super Ways to Create Your Magical and Elegant Wedding Invitations

by Zia Ullah on March 11, 2021


Looking for elegant wedding invitations? There are plenty of ways that you can add to your wedding invitation suite to make them pop for your guest. A wedding invitation, as well as a formal way to invite your guests, can help set the mood and theme of your wedding. We pulled together a few ways you could assemble your invitation and add that something little extra.

Picky Bride has played a huge part in crafting the fairytale world in which many little girls imagine their ideal wedding. Now you’re all grown up – but you’ve finally found your prince and you still want your fairytale. How do you find the balance between childhood wonder and grown up elegance? The answer is pulling in themes and elements from fairytales to create a Disney wedding theme without having to revive your old Disney stationery from primary school. Whether it’s blue and yellow Alice in Wonderland wedding invites, cute Tinkerbelle invitations or Nightmare before Christmas laser cut wedding invitations, there are sneaky ways to incorporate these favorite storylines into your special day.


Ribbons are easy to source from any local craft and stationery store or you can even hand make some from tearing and trimming old (or new) fabric. If the material is frayed properly, this can add a very heritage look to your invitations.  Ribbons can add a touch of color to your invitation that could indicate your wedding colors, what your bridesmaid gown’s colors will be and set the tone for your guest.


Feel free to discuss with our team on which color matches your cheap wedding invitations design perfectly. The following are some examples on how you can step up the way you present your wedding invitations.


For a rustic look, get a customized matching tag with your initials or names, or guest names to intertwine with the twine (you can use your ribbon too if it’s thin enough) and wrap around your invite/invitation suite. This style is straightforward and easy to assemble whilst adding that extra touch of personalization to your wedding invitations.


Time to channel the inner florist in you! Take your time finding dried leaves and flowers with longer stems to add to your invitation. You could use a little glue or tape to hold the flower in place, or if you have access to wax seal that is also an option. Tip: Flattening and drying your flower beforehand helps the whole suite sit inside your envelope nicely. 

You could also use herbs instead of flowers! Depending on which herb you use, they do leave a scent on your rustic wedding invitation and your guest will get a strong whiff when they open their envelopes. Herbs with strong scent that will hold together nicely once dried include: Rosemary, sage and thyme.



Vellum is a type of transparent paper that has been trending in the Wedding industry. It is used to add minimal layers to enhance your wedding suite. A simple vellum wrap or vellum belly band adds a luxury presentation and your guest will sure to have a memorable unwrapping experience. Vellum can also be used as an alternative to ribbon.


Want something less finicky but still have that WOW factor? Try decorating your envelope instead. You can simply add envelopes liners (Picky Bride envelope liners require some assembly) to give your invitation look a little boost and since liners are printed, the options are endless. You could go with a simple solid color to tie in your elegant wedding invitation theme, get a certain flower pattern printed, or get foil liners to make it sparkle! Tip: we find this works best accompanied by a minimal invitation.

Picky Bride also offers envelope printing to put you at ease with the long list of names and addresses to write. With the massive range of fonts we have in our library, including the ones you used on your invites, we can match it anyway you want. And not to mention that we can also print cool graphics on your envelopes to make it even more exceptional. City skyline, greeneries, hand drawn image of your wedding location, you name it!


Some people don’t like the idea of matching a particular princess or story, but still want to have general Disney themed wedding invitations. That’s totally okay.

A photo card like ‘Happily Ever After’ by Yunita Y. gives you so much flexibility. You and your fiancé could have fun dressing up for a photo shoot in Disney themed (or just old fashioned) clothing and pick the best image to display on your wedding invitation. If this sounds like you, get down to your local costume shop – stat!

The princess theme implies a royal wedding, so whether it’s ‘Regal Wreath’ by James B., with a classic gold foil, or ‘Vintage Cobalt’ by Stefan A., whose green could be a subtle nod to Merida’s Brave, The Little Mermaid or The Princess and the Frog, these elegant designs are just the thing to get your guests in the fairytale frame of mind.


As we hope to have made clear, Disney princess invitations don’t have to be in your face. This ‘Seashore’ design by Ingrid H. immediately conjures up images from the song ‘Colors of the Wind’ – the crowd favorite from Pocahontas. You don’t have to be Native American to blend elements of the Pocahontas film into your wedding – this beautiful classic about courage and friendship appeals to anyone!

In keeping with the golden bronze theme of this invitation, you could use beautiful autumnal tones in your bouquet and on your cake. Earthy tones could be a theme throughout your whole day, with lanterns to create mood lighting at your reception, bronze leaf key rings as favors, and bronze goblets on the bridal table. The paint strokes at the top of this invitation are reminiscent of burlap, which you could use as table runners or tied around the ceremony chairs as sash decorations. Accessories for the bridal party could follow an arrow or feather theme and if you’re planning a casual wedding you could wear brown strappy sandals. Done!


How overt you want to be with the Disney elements of your wedding is completely up to you. There’s nothing stopping you from going all out – but just ask yourself whether you’ll still think it’s amazing in a couple of years’ time. You can be as general or specific as you like, and not everyone has to know that you had Disney in mind. Armed with all these ideas, you’re once upon a time wedding invitations should be a cinch! You can also find a great collection of elegant wedding invitations on our website.

Have an idea that you want to try out? Visit at www.pickybride.com and see if we can help =]


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