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by mandy lee on December 28, 2019

Wedding songs

So, your big day is coming. All the planning is going on. The flowers are being picked, the color theme is being selected the decorations are being decided taking into consideration the grandeur of the occasion and your taste, all the guests list is being prepared. In all busy-ness of the occasion, don’t forget to pick the songs / music being played during the wedding.

The songs / music being played enhances the overall aura of the function. Right songs being played multiply the ambiance in the wedding hall increasing the quality of everything. There are thousands of songs out there to choose from. We pick just the best out of those to be played. The selection is a mix of the newest songs out there and the legendary songs of the past. The mix just makes it all the more a delightful playlist.

Top 5 songs which we consider will be enhancing your quality of wedding are listed below:

  • Ed Sheeran’s - Tenerife Sea

Surely he could have made the name of the song pronounce a little easier but it sounds so soothing anyway so what’s the big deal, right!)

  • Calum Scott’s – You are the reason

Oh the piano, the chorus, the vocals – You are gonna love it

  • John Legend’s – All of me

Well what is there to say about this song other than one word – Legen – wait for it – dary

  • Elvis Presley’s – Can’t Help Falling in Love

The king could do everything, this song may be 50 years old but it could be 1000 years old and it won’t matter, it is just that good. The music, the lyrics, the feel just makes it an amazing choice

  • Perfect – Ed Sheeran

perfect wedding songs

Obviously right! I mean you have to be living under a rock if you don’t think this should be the number 1 song to be played on your wedding

Then there are 15 more songs that we have picked as our best:

  • Christinna Perry’s – A thousand Words
  • Ed Sheeran’s – Thinking Out Loud
  • Michael Buble’s – When I fall in love
  • Cat Power’s - What the world needs now
  • Beyoncé’s - Die with you
  • Etta James’ – At Last
  • Lone Star’s – Amazed
  • Kane Brown’s – Heaven
  • Rihanna’s – Love on the brain
  • James Arthur’s – Say you won’t let go
  • Florida Georgia Line’s – Simple
  • Lady gaga and Bradley Cooper’s – Shallow
  • The Vamps and Matoma’s – All night
  • American Authors’ – Best day of my Life
  • Bruno Mars’ – Marry You

Although, we make sure that songs being played in your wedding are absolutely in line with the function’s requirements but, let us not forget, it is your wedding and you will be selecting the songs you want being played. Maybe it is the song that was being played while he proposed, maybe it was a song you and your partner were listening to while having a deeply intimate moment with the love of your life or it may just be the song you have always dreamt of being played in your wedding.


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