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by Zia Ullah on December 18, 2020

If you are looking for a totally unorthodox laser cut wedding invitations, then don’t worry! Picky Bride got you covered.

Wedding is such an important event of your life which you are meant to enjoy & celebrate with your family but instead what you do?

Looking for wedding and thinking about all the account you need to oversee, evaluating your dresses and going to calls from decorator, caters. All you do is make sure everyone attend and leave happily from the wedding and what you do for yourself.

Well! Nothing more than worrying?

Picky Bride can make it a lot more beautiful and interesting as we provide the most unique and delicate invitation card design service.

The services we provide -

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Laser Cut Wedding Invitations
  • Digital Wedding Invitations

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

If you are looking for something really unique or have an idea of your own. We are happy to tell you that we’d serve you with a variety of papers, colors, shapes and printing.

Whatever design, color or paper type, we’ll be giving you out the top notch thing that you ever could’ve dreamed of.

laser cut wedding invitations

Laser Cut Technology

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations, as per the name it’s crystal that it involves laser cutting. Laser cutting is the technique which is used in large industrial firms for molding, cutting, making and designing big things by using laser cutting technology.

What happens when we blend creativity and technology? The answer is “wonders”.

Picky Bride provide a vast variety of laser cut wedding invitation cards. Laser Cut invites can also be customized as per the demand of the customer. The customer can have anything they want.

Material we use

These cards are made on a lot of materials for example paper, wood, acrylic, steel, hard sheets etc. Laser cut invitation cards are in trend this year. These cards are designed by our designer with so much dedication and devotion and the end result is so mesmerizing.

Unorthodoxy in our designs

Laser cut cards are the delightful mix of class and inventiveness which make them so excellent and unique than the rest. It is modern and draws out the littlest subtleties with such tidiness that it makes the sight to behold.

Types of Laser Cut Designs

There is an alternate sort of laser cut wedding cards, for example, pocket laser cut card, barbecued laser cut card, scroll box laser cut, favor box with a laser cut plan, acrylic solicitations and some more.

Elegant Design Wedding Invitation

There's nothing more close to home than a photo on a greeting card, and this exquisite plan wedding greeting places the upbeat couple in up front. Utilizing a standard textual style, this wedding welcome finds some kind of harmony of catching a second and staying ageless.

elegant design wedding invitation

When you complete the above guidance then you love the sparkle envelope liner that can be redone to supplement whatever textual style shading you pick — from rose gold to black to silver and beyond.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

You'll find natural elements like barn-wood and floral as well as watercolor and abstract accents from garden and woods. Once your Rustic Wedding Invitation is perfect for the vision you have  for your ceremony, you are ready to send out those invitations both physically and digitally.



Your big day is among the most phenomenal milestones in your day to day existence, and it merits all the consideration that you're giving it. While it would be decent if cash were no item, actually your wallet has its cutoff points.

Luckily, having a lovely wedding greeting that suits your character doesn't straightforwardly relate with how much cash you spend.

Pick the Picky Bride to go with you on your wedding experience. We'll invite your loved ones with the words you express and tones that are an impression of you as a team. We make never-ending impressions!

Take a glance at Picky bride to select one of our wonderful art pieces! We assure you'll find your taste. https://www.pickybride.com/


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