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From Cheap Wedding Invitations to Creating Theme Based Arrangements

by Zia Ullah on March 17, 2021


Shopping for cheap wedding invitations can be a little overwhelming which is why not a lot of couples think outside the traditional wedding invitation box but if you have the courage to do something different, we’ll teach you how to save on wedding invitations and still get the fabulous invites you love!

Start by choosing heavy cover stock for the background and heavyweight papers can make it look expensive. Try rich solids, shimmering metallic, printed cards with vintage designs, or handmade paper embedded with real flower petals.

Next, choose the paper you will print on to layer on top of the background card. Be sure your chosen paper is compatible with the printer you will be using; a laser printer or copier is recommended. However, water resistant inkjet ink is available or you could use an inkjet printer to create the artwork, then photocopy it onto the overlay.

Format Matters for Your Wedding Invitations

This is actually one of the best-kept secrets in shopping for affordable wedding invitations. No matter where you shop, you will likely find a few different wedding invitation formats. You’re probably very familiar with the typical flat card or maybe you’ve received some pretty pocket invites but there is so much more out there!


Free is Possible on Elegant Wedding Invitations

A typical wedding invitation ensemble includes an invitation, a response card and a reception card. Did you know we offer the response card for free? Not only do we offer free response cards with lots of our wedding invitations, they’re actually response postcards so you save money on postage!

You can cut things on Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Let’s take another look at that typical wedding invitation ensemble: invitation + response card + reception card. Guess what? You can cut that reception card. It’s often not needed. Most of the wedding invitations we sell either offer the reception card for free or we have designed the invitation to include room for your reception wording. Smart design is key!

Shop Early for Discounts on Rustic Wedding Invitations

Sign up for a year or more before your wedding and start scoping out the sales that come through. When you see a whopper of a sale that makes your dream wedding invitation a reality, pounce on it like a cat on a laser pointer! Those sales are no joke.

Always order more cheap wedding invitations than you think you need. Same for envelopes. Why? Because ordering another 25 or 50 more is WAY more expensive than just adding to your original order. So create as accurate of a guest list as you can and then order more wedding invitations to accommodate any oops moments you may have.


Un-Inviting Guests to Your Postponed Wedding

If your wedding has been pushed out a year (or more!), it is possible your guest list has changed. And, that’s okay! There are a couple ways to handle this, depending on the situation. If someone was on your initial guest list, and you’ve completely fallen out of contact with them (perhaps you moved and are no longer close with former co-workers), you can honestly let it slide without a notification.

However, if a former guest is still a part of your life, do the kind thing and let them know about the change. A quick text or email will do the trick! Not sure what to say?

Announce Your New Date with a Change the Date Card

Change the date cards used to be quite uncommon but not anymore! If you had to cancel your wedding and have a new date set, send a “Change the Date Card” to your guests. Our fun and super-cheap cards let you share your new date and even write a personal note to your guests. You can keep it simple with just a photo and new date. But if you have extra information to share, choose a style that has room for extra text. Inform your guests about any changes to your original wedding location and update to your hotel blocks.

Send a New Save the Date

Whether you mailed a Save the Date for your first wedding date or decided to skip it, sending one for your new date is great idea! Our “Save the Date” cards for postponed weddings are SO much fun too!

We typically advise couples to forward “Save the Dates” 6-9 months before your wedding day. But, COVID-19 has changed this rule. If your wedding is rescheduled for even 4 months from now, go ahead and send a save the date, then deliver your wedding invites closer to your wedding date.

Likewise, if you’ve set a date that’s more than 12+ months out, you can sure send your Save the Date now! 2022 is set to be jam-packed with weddings, so getting your date on your guests’ calendars is a fantastic idea.


With Your Wedding Invitation!

Ready to send your wedding invitations? YAY! We normally tell couples to send their cheap wedding invitations 4-8 weeks out from the wedding date, but you can sure send them earlier if you have all your information. Remember to set a reasonable “RSVP” by Date wise so your guests can take their time with their decision, especially if coming to your wedding means traveling.

Picky Bride wishes as you finally set your wedding date and plan your dream day!


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