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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Are Unbeatable

durch Zia Ullah auf November 13, 2020

Laser cut wedding invitations is one word that shouldn't sound boring! They are meant to be bewitching and elegant wedding invitations. The details of an invite should not overpower its beauty. But, sadly very few think in these terms. The wedding invite has a complete right to be as attractive as any other detail of the wedding such as flowers decor, table cloths, or photo booth props. Hence, there is no other design that can provide a balance of detail and beauty in a card other than laser cut designs. The intricate and technical design which is cut on on paper with laser and enhanced a little more with motifs and fancy ribbons is worth every dollar and effort.

flowers decor

Wedding invitations give your guest a hint of what to expect of the event and how the day will unfold. The engraved printed cards are just not a piece of paper. The tones, texture, size, shape, and cuts say all about your personality and the ambiance of your special day. It’s one thing you and your loved ones will cherish for years by preserving it in a photo-album or framing it. This is the extent of the importance of wedding invitations.

Wedding invites have an alarming gesture. They keep reminding the guests of your wedding date so that there’s no chance of missing the event. It will be stick on the fridge door or pinned to a soft board in a workspace. In short, where ever people will go they’ll remember to feast at your wedding party.

Traditional Invite Vs E-vite

The budget is a big question while planning a wedding. Many couples strike out the wedding invitations from their list to cost cut. The other alternative they go for is electronic wedding invitations. But how sad and boring it sounds. The very first and important step to kick off your wedding is invitations! Beautiful, colorful, petite invitations, and best when they are laser cut wedding invitations. It’s because we undermine the importance of traditional elegant wedding invites.

traditional invite

Let’s consider some of the advantages of paper or traditional invitations.

  • The good news? You can keep traditional and elegant wedding invitations close to you forever! They act as a constant reminder of all the beautiful memories you’ve shared with your other half, friends, and family. It’s a foolproof method of cracking a smile on your face no matter how much you’ve aged.
  • You can use the postal codes and addresses later, to send thank you notes to your wedding guests for showering you with gifts, flowers, and lots of love!

  • No one can compromise on change of colors. The e-vite changes it! The tones you’ve selected are not the same in a hard copy.
  • Paper wedding invitations always look formal. They carry your expectations from your guest to attend the event. Also, old-school people love attending weddings when they have rustic wedding invitations in hand.

  • The best thing about the paper invites is that they provide huge variety. One can easily pick their taste whether it is for rustic wedding invitations, acrylic invites, or elegant wedding invitations. You can pick the style that impeccably complement your wedding; off-white ivory traditional paper or fun geometrical designs for casual wedding parties.
  • Believe us, the quality of online invites drops instantly when printed. The effort is nowhere to be seen on the invite as it is on laser cut wedding invitations or engraved ones.

  • Preferences are most clear in traditional styles. Online invites have chances of corrupting or missing out on some important instructions or detail such as venue and time.


Hence, Picky Bride loves and recommends traditional wedding invitations. They are a special souvenir that can be kept safe for years and years bringing back you the gorgeous memories of your wedding. So, there’s no chance of skipping invitations especially when they are laser cut.

A Few Tips

 Just imagine your guests saying… Oh, God! Such a beautiful design. Look at the calligraphy! I love these cool tones. Where is this wedding? It’s such a masterpiece! Oh my…what am I going to wear? That is the response we all want for our big day. But to get this kind of reaction luxury designs are not enough. Here’s a little guide for you to send the most awaited wedding invitations to all your pals!

a few tips

  • Setting the tone with words: Use vocabulary which is easy to understand. Match your words with the theme of your event.
  • Sending other cards: Wedding invitations are not enough as routines are going hectic. Save the date card would be a good idea so people can plan things earlier. Use them especially in the case for guests who live in a different city or country.
  • Limit the details: Don’t crowd the invitations with unnecessary details. Just include essential information like venue, date, time, etc.
  • Extras are important: Always purchase an extra bunch of invitation cards in case an invitation or two are ruined with spelling mistakes or the guest list might increase at the last moment by meeting an old friend.
  • Send on time: Always send your wedding invitations a few months before. Last moment invitations are less likely to be appreciated and entertained

Your Wedding Guide

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