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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Creates an Essence of Fashion

durch Zia Ullah auf December 02, 2020


Stylish Wedding is all about the wedding details, especially laser cut wedding invitations. Specializing in custom wedding stationery, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding dresses. Every design can be created completely custom, and many vendors in marker are love to assist you with all of your wedding needs. The main purpose is to design a cohesive wedding day where your day has a beautiful flow from start to finish—all of this without breaking the bank.

Like with every detail of your wedding, your invitation cards' design and style require your special attention. Preferably, the wedding invitations should go with the themes and color schemes you’ve picked for the wedding. Moreover, if you’re looking for a simple, playfully creative teasers, sophisticated, or artsy watercolor styles, the sky’s the limit.

So what are you waiting for? We have consolidated some exclusive inspiration from the world of wedding invitation card trends, with invites crafted by our favorite Invitation designers.

Pilot Suite Theme Invitation Card


Can you imagine a pilot couple that loves traveling, bringing all their favorite elements into their wedding invitation cards? Picky Bride managed to achieve just that through this creative invite for one couple. The Pilot Suite (thus named) invite had it all – the old world charm, vintage maps, antique airplanes, stamps, airmail envelopes, boarding passes and luggage tags, paper plane, etc., caricatures. Everything just found its perfect synergy, with every design element bearing significance to the couple’s story.

Water Color Theme Invitation Card

From soft-washed cakes to hollow cheap wedding invitations, watercolor ideas of all kinds have been popping up and grabbing our attention. These beautiful, minimalistic watercolor invitation cards by Picky Bride can make a big statement. Consider adding metallic hints and themes into your wedding invitations if you are using the right amount of sophistication.

Vintage Cook Book Theme Invitation Card


Take a cue from this couple that loves cooking together! A 12-year relationship that began in 2nd grade, their mutual history, and passion for food inspired Picky Bride to design a vintage-style recipe book that traced their wonderful journey over many ages and their recipe for a wonderful wedding.

Map Theme Invitation Card

Are you a couple with a bad case of wanderlust? Or are you having a destination wedding? This fun, easy wedding invite helps your guests locate your wedding destination and generates travel and discovery anticipation. Map theme invitation cards added a vintage-style world map to the theme of their invitation. It’s beautifully done and a real keepsake.

Elegant Wedding Invitations Card

Do you know the idea that word RSVP derived from the French word “responded sail vows plait”? Fits perfect for this couple's story and wedding theme. This elegant wedding invitation was meant to evoke Paris, for a bride who was proposed to, in the city of love. Picky Bride used Ladue inspired motifs, lots of lace, doily inspired scalloped edges, and of course, Parisian stamps. The additions are scalloped antique floral postcards featuring the Arc De Triumphed, Moulin Rouge, and Eiffel Tower stamps. They are tied in knots with a ribbon & a tag that says, “We will always have Paris.” Sealed and stamped with love from Paris.

Rustic Wedding Invitations Card

There are intercultural wedding requires a particular finesse when creating themes and design briefs. Pick Bride has mastered the presentation of the union of two cultures with this invitation inspired by the modern rustic wedding invitations art tradition with a few delightful Persian influences. The detail oriented flowery decoration is hand-illustrated, and the inserts reflect the colors of the box top. The all-inclusive effect is one of depth, density, and richness and makes it one of our favorites.

Floral Wedding Invitation Card

Like an ode to the modern wedding, this gorgeous invitation card has a delicate laser cut flap, intricate gold foil detailing and uplifts the entire design with fresh hues and floral motifs rendered in a contemporary style.


In A Nutshell

We can conclude our discussion by observing that we could spend many a morning looking at pretty wedding stationery – we love a good wedding invite! Moreover, your wedding card is where your theme really begins! If you are thinking of presenting a fancy black-tie affair, color-filled vintage garden party or festival inspired backyard bash, and your wedding invitation will give guests an idea of the style of day you’re having. You can see that these choices are limitless when it comes to wedding stationery with something to suit every wedding style, from rustic Kraft paper invites to whimsical floral patterns and soft artworks to attractive laser cut designs.

We are Happy to Help

Now you won’t have to go far to order your invites – we’re lucky to have tons of talented illustrators and graphic designers right here in Ireland who can create the wedding invite of your dreams. To give you just a flavor of what’s out there, we’ve rounded up some amazing designs from the stationery designers.

If you are looking for bespoke and one-of-a-kind, pop us an email and we’ll be happy to work with you to create a unique invite just for you! Contact Us.

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