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Rustic Wedding Invitations Escalating Elegance to Your Special Day

durch Zia Ullah auf December 01, 2020


Rustic wedding invitations are very romantic because of the delicate design. Depending on the theme, it can be incredibly intricate or simple. There is lace with a wide range of patterns and colors. Our lace is made of high quality, and it’s perfect. Our goal is to show you the natural colors. This invitation still is super perfect, but the natural color of the burlap accent the rusticity if this is your wedding style. You only need to put the invitation inside the envelope, stamp it, and ship it to the guests.

If you are dreaming and planning a simple and genial wedding where flowers, lamps, wood, authentic decoration, and nostalgia are the order of the day, then the rustic wedding is for you. Immerse your invitees in a rustic, chic and warm, floral and natural but above all authentic decor. Arrange a ceremony that will leave room for emotion, family, and joy. Treat your guests to a bucolic feast in the countryside. You can discover our best advice for you to organize a rustic wedding Invitation that will amaze all your special guests.

Tips to Create your invitations as Beautiful as You Are

  • Send your wedding invitations at least 1 month before the ceremony
  • Mention important details i.e. venue, name and address of the appointment, date, time

  • Ask for an RSVP, with a deadline

Love can be Summed Up in One Simple Word, YES.

leaser cut wedding invitation

A rustic atmosphere is a nice universe. For your elegant wedding invitations, opting for a traditional square and folded format. Then, take your guests on a journey with patterns that are both original and warm. Opt for wildflowers, ivy, bright colors such as yellow, poppy red, and green, natural motifs that will bring back beautiful memories of your summer family holiday in the country.

Outfits for Your Wedding Day

Couples for a rustic and chic wedding, choose natural materials. Hypothetically, imagine yourself in a lace wedding dress or a cotton or linen suit. On the color side, combine white with solar and natural colors such as yellow, which will remind you of the sun. Add touches of green for the gentleman's suit, poppies in the lady's bouquet. What if, for more authenticity, you added a symbolic object to your outfit? A garland of flowers from your garden, a fabric belonging to your parents or grandparents. Play on naturalness and authenticity. Your memories will be even stronger!

Decorating Your Venue


For decorating your wedding venue, think about recovery, noble materials that have a history, floral decoration. Imagine celebrating your union on a farm, a barn, or your own garden. Install your guests on wooden benches, round tables decorated with flowers and white or gingham tablecloths. Set decoration with space and objects like hay, hangings, bouquets of wildflowers, and even garlands of lights and lanterns to hang in the surrounding trees.

Here are some decorations ideas:

  • Wildflowers
  • Lanterns and pennants

  • Antique jugs and old glass vases
  • Old barrels

  • Creating laser cut wedding invitations

  • Wooden panels and pallets

Food Serving can be Traditional or Unique

You cannot compare fresh produce ordered from local producers to organize a warm and delicious banquet than a readymade from market. It depends on your locality, opting for fresh fruit and vegetable-based appetizers, serve light and homemade cocktails, order main courses made with local meat or legumes and local vegetables. Your guests will be even happier!

Enjoy Your Day with Friends and Family

Take advantage of the setting to organize fun and friendly wedding entertainment. Organize wheelbarrow races, tug of war, apple fishing, and croquet. In short, a whole host of outdoor activities that will entertain your guests in the evening. Moreover, this is your day for which you started planning for many days or even months. So, in all this hassle of arrangements, do not forget to enjoy this moment with your loved ones.


Creating an Everlasting Impression on Your Lovely Guests

Make your rustic wedding rhyme with the sweetness of memories by celebrating this day with your family or friends. Submerge your special guests in a bucolic and joyful atmosphere. In order to do so, start your task by refining the tone of your rustic wedding invitation. Choose a friendly and cheerful tone. Then, focus on decoration: sprinkle your tables with field flowers (sunflowers, poppies, lavender, and daisy).

Arrange the space with natural recycled materials: wood, linen, straw, and wicker. Finally step is to surprise your respected guests with a simple and refined country wedding dress. Opting for a long or short flowing dress, a bucolic bridal bouquet, a wreath of wildflowers, and a fresh and softly colored suit. The key to an entertaining wedding is you and your shared memories. Be close to your guests, laugh, and be relaxed. During your speech, bring back sweet memories. And, above all: have fun with good-natured activities. This atmosphere will create a perfect country wedding.

We are Making Your Day Memorable

Create, thanks to Picky Bride, a harmonious and personalized cheap wedding invitations one-stop-shop. Begin with a rustic save the date from blocking the agenda of your guests. When the organization is done, send a country wedding announcement to indicate the event's place, date, and time. And, to close the most beautiful day of your life, thank your guests with elegant, country-style thank you cards. If you want to spoil some of your loved ones, surprise them with a wedding photo book as a souvenir of this precious day.

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