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6 Tips Leading to Create Your Perfect Elegant Wedding Invitations

par Zia Ullah sur February 24, 2021


Elegant Wedding invitations look unique and should be obtained while thinking or making a selection for the wedding cards. Wedding is special occasion and everything should be done with full attention and on time. Considering the time is another key to success in this matter. Inviting the guests for the wedding is the factor or task which should be done at least a month ahead from the wedding. So, guests have enough time to prepare for the wedding if they want and that means wedding cards should be ready at least a month and a half before the wedding.

Factors to be considered for designing a card:

  • Design

The design of the card acts as a foundation to the card. Make a decision on what you want and be very clear with it. Multiple options like a floral, plain, abstract are present but select what you think is good.

  • Material

Make sure to choose the material which is not dangerous for others. Like if you have a wooden frame on your wedding card make sure it is of the material which does not hurt if hit on the skin because you never know if the card is in a child’s hand. He/she can hurt itself. Jute is also not very skin friendly; it always causes irritation. Make sure to use a fine jute for the invitation card if you like jute. Materials should be chosen carefully and being mindful about children’s and adults also.

  • Size

Size is important, you should be fully aware of what dimensions you need for your card. Be sure that your text fits in your card and it is readable. Size of the card should be big enough to make the fort visible and clear and the same way fort size should also fit in the card. Do not choose a big card with a small fort that would look horrible.

  • Color

If using any other material instead of paper be sure to be aware of color and also for paper choose the color keeping everything in mind. Usually a light base helps to make the text prominent on the card. Making a dark base looks not very fine usually but it’s your card and you have to decide how you want it to be.

  • Text

Review thoroughly, think and discuss and make sure what you want to be written on the card. The context is very important for the wedding card. A common thing which is mostly ignored in wedding invitation cards is font styles. What if you are unable to read what is written inside the card. You don’t know the venue, contact number of the person and you don’t live near to their house. Somehow it would be difficult for you to attend the wedding because you are not able to figure out what is written on the card. To avoid all this mess make sure while you are giving your cards for printing the font should be clear and readable so that it creates ease to the attendees of the wedding.


Wedding invitations:

As with the changing era things are changing pretty much, but not everything is changed with the time some things do have value till today and will remain. One of those things is a wedding invitation. People look forward to an invitation card to attend the wedding Invitation cards should be special and unique for a wedding because it is a special event of one’s life so he/she should have the authority to select the invitation card or create one on their own if they are creative enough.

Range in the wedding cards

There is no specific range for the cost of a wedding card but of course you have a budget and a range of how much money you want to spend for the invitation cards. Be fully aware of your circumstances and then make a decision.

  • Laser cut

Laser cut wedding invitations can be done on multiple materials like wood, paper in addition to different colors and font styles with emboss letters also if you want. Firstly the cards were printed only on paper with the same style but now laser cuts have given a variety in wedding cards which is appealing as change always attracts.

  • Rustic

Rustic is also a technique used on the cards to give them a different and unique look and it is a unique technique used these days. It is not so common so far because very few people are aware of it. With time this will become common.


Your choice

Choices vary from person to person in every aspect. Maybe someone likes one thing and the other person doesn't like that.  A person is provided with variety that is important from the makers end. Now it totally depends on your choice or the people whom you would be sending the card. It is important to know your audience, audience here is the people who would receive the card from your side. Be very sure to choose something everyone likes and is readable to everyone so there would be no confusion.

Weddings are a lifetime event. Make it memorable and unique with doing little unique things. Spending more is not a sign of doing something unique. Spending efficiently with different ideas and techniques is what really matters so try to adopt that strategy and make it work for you.

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