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Best Ways to Look Modern by Using Cheap Wedding Invitations

de Zia Ullah em March 24, 2021


You want to use cheap wedding invitations on your special day? In the last few months, with everything that has happened and with the number of weddings that have been cancelled it has hit me that 2021 is going to be a massive year for weddings. With that in mind, we wanted to publish this blog on Picky Bride to help couples that are planning on sending Save the Dates out for their big day, be it this year or next. Here are five helpful tips to remember when sending out Save the Dates.

This is important information you need to be sure of. This is the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding information and you want to be sure they are not left asking questions after reading. Be sure to include all the information they will need about the big day such as the location, date, and approximate time. Let the recipients know that they’ll receive an invitation with more details at a later date. Here are some things to include on the save-the-date card:

  1. Names of the couple getting married
  2. General location of the wedding and reception
  3. Date of the big day
  4. URL of the wedding website if there is one
  5. Hotels in the area

You can add some fun, personal touches to the card, such as something that ties into the theme of the wedding or an interesting tidbit about how the couple met. Adding a personal touch with an interesting approach lets the recipients know that this is an event they don’t want to miss.


Perfect Time to Share Your Wedding invitations

This is not an exact science, no one can tell you when you have to send you’re save the dates especially with COVID-19 having forced couples to cancel weddings in the past few months. These weddings are all being rescheduled so it’s a free for all to secure your guests for your date. The general rule of thumb is to mail you’re save the dates six to eight months before the wedding. This will give guests ample time to request days off from work and make travel plans if you are getting married abroad or have guests coming to Ireland from overseas. If your wedding falls on a bank holiday weekend or is a destination wedding or summer wedding, aim to send those nine months to a year in advance.

Matching of Elegant wedding invitations

We get asked this a lot. Save the dates with cheap wedding invitations tend to be less formal in style and more fun than a traditional wedding invitation, but at Picky Bride we think all wedding stationery should be fun and stylish at the same time. Our advice is to trust your heart, if you want to have fun with your Save the Dates then do, if you want a more traditional style with an eloquent font I can design what you need, also if you’ve taken engagement photos, choose a couple of your favorites to incorporate into a photo-themed save the date design. We can help you with any design you have in mind, don’t worry if someone is telling you your Save The Dates should be on exact way, this is your wedding and you should trust what your heart tells you. 


Who will receive Your Laser Cut Wedding Invitations?

Anyone, you’re 100 % sure you’re going to invite to your big day. If you’re entirely sure you are going to invite some people to your wedding then hold off, take your time and wait a while before sending them a Save the Date. Once someone receives a save the date, you’re obligated to send them a wedding invitation, so make sure you have finalized you are certain before posting.

Date Card Creation with Rustic Wedding Invitations

A change the date is a card that’s mailed to inform guests that your original wedding date has been changed. It announces the new wedding date and location and lets the recipient know they will be invited to the wedding. Basically, the purpose of the change the date card is to get guests to mark the new date in their calendars and get excited about the wedding to come. With a huge amount of weddings having already been cancelled in 2020, many couples are sending change the date cards to their guests.

Remember to Enjoy Your Special Day using Cheap Wedding Invitations

You’re Change the Dates cards can be as fun as you chose them to be, you can include photographs from your engagement shoots or you can choose a bespoke design from Picky Bride. Make sure your Change the Dates cards are as memorable as your cheap wedding invitations were or choose a completely different design and incorporate some designs you had originally loved. Your Change the Date cards are necessary to keep your guests informed of your new wedding date but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them.


In a Nutshell

Take solace knowing that you are not alone, over the last few weeks we have received many enquiries for Change the Date cards for couples affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People will be excited that your wedding has a new date and of course, a wedding after lockdown ends is going to be a wedding to remember, there is a real possibility your wedding may go down as the social event of the year.

Hunger makes things taste better, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and weddings post-quarantine make history. So don’t wait to make the wedding date change announcement, send out those “Change the Date” cards today, and enjoy the ride.

If you don’t have the time to do it by yourself where we have wide collection of cards including cheap wedding invitations so just visit our website for more details at www.pickybride.com and one of our expert will love to help you.


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